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For Adults 1

For Adults 1

For Adults

Vedanta for Adults

We offer several weekly classes that discuss various aspects and chapters so participants can grow intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. 

We offer weekly classes for young adults, for parents during our Bala Vihar classes and evening classes for all ages. We also host swamis and other special guests who explore topics in more details

Meet our Teachers

Here are the teachers that guide discussions based on their own learnings and experience


Beginner adult


Beginner adult


Senior adult


Senior adult


Vedic chanting


Chanting coach


Chanting coach


Chanting coach


Under the supervision of our Sunday Bala Vihar teachers, learn how to chant select chapters of the Bhagavad Geeta while becoming more conscious of the knowledge of the Self. Depending on availability and demand, Vedic and other chanting opportunities are also available throughout the week.


Join a group of dedicated members weekly to increase strength and flexibility through yoga. Check weekly events page for class availability and timing.

“Do simple exercises to keep your body trim and vigorous. All excesses are to be wisely weeded out from your day’s programme. Realize you have no business to be exhausted, drained out, fatigued or sick.”

—Swami Chinmayananda

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