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How to Donate

Support us

Contributions from devotees and well-wishers allow Chinmaya Mission Ottawa to sustain and expand its weekly educational, spiritual and community activities, sponsor special speakers, organize yagnas and satsangs, pay utility fees for our community center and plan for building upgrades.

We are an entirely volunteer run organization where each dollar donated goes directly to the cause – no administrative fees. All donations are tax-deductible and our CRA charitable registration number is 893661587 RR 0001 CRA.

Donate money

Donations can be sent via e-transfer to We also accept one-time and monthly donations via credit card

Donate time

Donating your time is another way to serve your community and support Chinmaya Mission Ottawa. We need volunteers to:

  • Plan/run our children’s summer camp
  • Clean our building
  • Organize special events
  • Maintain our building
  • Perform seva/sewa
  • Help during our spring open house
  • Serve meals on Sundays

Poonam puja

Maa Saraswati represents knowledge. Worshiping her with humility brings the required purity in our mind for the supreme knowledge to flow into us and let spiritual wisdom take root in our hearts. Sponsoring your own Saraswati poonam pooja is one way for you and your family to connect with the Divine Mother.

You will get an opportunity to choose a sari and ornaments for devi for the month, perform Saraswati pooja, and aarti with your family. Contact us to learn more.


Gurudakshina is the ancient Indian tradition of offering something of value with reverence to one’s ‘Guru’ or towards his/her cause in recognition of the invaluable knowledge imparted.

At Chinmaya Mission Ottawa, knowledge is available for all at no charge. We appreciate any offerings that help us share Guruji’s knowledge and love. Donate now.

“More important than what is behind you and what is ahead of you is what is In you. Seek it. Centred in it, act and live.”

—Swami Chinmayananda

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